Male Condoms

1. It’s really important to use a condom from the very beginning of anal, oral, or vaginal sex and to keep it on until the very end. This is because some infections don’t need semen (‘cum’) to be transmitted (they can be spread from skin-to-skin contact), and even small amounts of pre-cum can transmit STIs or cause pregnancy.

2. Open the condom as you would a ketchup package along the ridged edges with your hands. If you use your teeth you may damage the condom.

3. The condom usually comes out the wrong way or inside out! You’ll know it’s the wrong way because the ring will be on the inside and it looks like the top of a baby bottle. You will know it’s the right way because the ring is now on the outside and you will be able to roll it down quite easily.

Note: If you put the condom on the penis the wrong way, it is NOT okay to just flip it inside out and keep using it because anytime a penis is hard there will be pre-cum on it which contains sperm as well as an STI if that person has one. So if you put the condom on the wrong way and then flip it over, the pre-cum will be on the outside of the condom getting a free ride into your partner! If a condom is put on the wrong way, it should be thrown away and a new one should be used – and that’s a good reason to have more than one condom around.

4. Pinch the air out of the top of the condom before putting it on to leave room for the semen (‘cum’) to go.

5. While still pinching with one hand, use your other hand to roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis (or sex toy). If the penis has foreskin, pull the foreskin down and then roll the condom down.

6. Make sure the condom is rolled all the way to the base of the penis (all the way to the ‘balls’ or testicles but NOT over them).

7. When sex is done, hold onto the base of the condom and penis, remove from your partner and turn to the side to take it off.

8. Throw the condom in the garbage (DON’T flush it down the toilet).

9. Condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, including thin, ribbed, coloured, or studded. If you find that one kind or brand of condom doesn’t work for you or your partner, try adding lube or try different ones until you find one that works.