Sex/Dental Dam

Sex dams are designed to keep the fluids of the person giving oral sex (mouth on a penis, vagina, or anus) and the person receiving it separate.

If the sex dam gets twisted or dropped, don’t use the same one – get a new one! You might want to make a few before you start, so they’re there when you need them.

Making a sex / dental dam

Dental dams are extremely easy to make with a condom or a glove. Non-microwaveable plastic wrap (such as saran wrap®) appears to work well, although there have been no studies on its effectiveness.

Using a male condom:

(Note: use a non-flavoured condom; flavoured condoms can cause yeast infections)

  1. Unroll the condom about half way.
  2. Use scissors to cut the condom lengthwise and cut off the tip;
  3. Take your final product, hold the sides with your hands, and start licking. (You don’t need to stretch the dam; let it take the shape of the vulva/anus.

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Using a latex glove:

There are two ways you can make a dental dam from a glove (see the diagrams below). You can either cut a square from the base of the glove, or cut it up both sides (leaving the fingers on) – now you have your own do-it-yourself dental dam.

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