Heads Up?! T-Shirts

Get your Free T-shirt while supplies last!

T-shirts are only available at teen clinic locations during teen clinic hours. Get yours before they run out!

Visit our clinic map to find out where you can get condoms close to you.

T-shirts are available at these teen clinics:

Children’s Hospital (HSC)
840 Sherbrook Ave. • P: 204.787.2664
Youth under 18 years by appointment only
Tuesday and Thursday 1-4pm

Women’s Outpatient Department
735 Notre Dame Ave. • P: 204.787.1781
Open to all youth;  Adolescent Prenatal and
Postpartum Clinics by appointment only

Aikins Street Teen Clinic
601 Aikins Street • P: 204.940.2025
Drop-in open to all youth 21 and under
Monday 4-7pm (Closed holiday Mondays)
Hours may be subject to change. Please call to confirm.

Mount Carmel Clinic
886 Main Street • P: 204. 582.2311
Drop-in open to all youth 21 and under • Thursday 4-8

Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY)
125 Sherbrook • P: 204.772.7899 or 204.783.5617
Drop-in for youth up to age 29
Tuesday and Wednesday 1-4:45pm

Women’s Health Clinic
3rd Floor 419 Graham Ave. • P: 204.947.1517
Drop-in open to all youth 19 and under
Thursday 3:00-8pm

Klinic Community Health Centre
870 Portage Ave. • P: 204.784.4090
Drop-in open to all youth 12-20
Monday 4-8pm (Closed long weekends)

Corydon Teen Clinic
102-1001 Corydon • P: 204.940.2000
Drop-in for all youth 21 and under • Wednesday 4-7pm

Youville Centre
6-845 Dakota Street • P: 204.255.4840
Drop-in for all youth 14-20 • Tuesday 4-7pm
Nor’West Co-op Community Health Centre
103-61 Tyndall Ave. • P: 204. 940.2020
Drop-in open to all youth 21 and under
Wednesdays 3:30-5:30pm

Nor’West on Alexander Teen Clinic
1880 Alexander • Drop-in open to all youth
3:30-5pm the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month

Adolescent Parent Centre
136 Cecil • Drop-in for APC students and their children only
Wednesday 10-2 pm

St. Boniface Hospital Adolescent Prenatal and Postpartum Clinic
409 Tache • P: 204.237.2285 extension 1
Open to all youth (by appointment)

Access Transcona
845 Regent Ave. W • P: 204.938.5700
Drop-in open all youth 13-19 Thursday 4-7pm

Elmwood Teen Clinic
505 Chalmers Ave.
Drop-in open to all youth Tuesday 4-8pm